ISSN 1843-8520

Vol. 14, No. 2, Winter 2020

Issued December 2020

Special Theme: Uncovering territorial inequalities and spatial justice in the EU


Editorial ● pp. 1-4

Maria Plotnikova –  Aberystwyth University,UK,  Ana Viñuela – University of Oviedo, Spain

Rethinking the regional bounds of justice: A scoping review of spatial justice in EU regions ● pp. 5-34

Bram van Vulpen – University of Groningen, Bettina Bock – Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Explaining spatial patterns of incapacity benefit claimant rolls in the UK ● pp.35-48

Maria Plotnikova – Aberystwyth University, UK

Book Review

Mario Polèse, The Wealth and Poverty of Cities. Why Nations Matter, Oxford University Press, 2020 pp. 49-51

by Daniela-Luminita Constantin, Bucharest University of Economic Studies