ISSN 1843-8520

Aims and Scope

Romanian Journal of Regional Science (RJRS) publishes original research in regional economics, urban studies, spatial planning, geography, public policy and related areas. We aim to serve as a leading journal spanning all dimensions of regional and urban change, while pursuing multi- and interdisciplinary dialogues and supporting diversity in science.


In 2007, when it was launched, RJRS was one of the first journals in Romania addressing territorial issues. Its distinctive purpose has been to contribute to the dissemination of the regional science-related research results obtained in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe at international scale and to the integration of the scholarly community from this area in the global commonwealth of regional science. As a result, with each issue, RJRS has become a high-level forum engaging regional scientists from Romania, Europe and other continents in a prolific exchange of ideas, with both theoretical and practice-oriented relevancy.


RJRS is included in the journals portfolio of the European Regional Science Association and the Regional Science Association International, being connected to the major publishing flows in Europe and the whole world.


Essential criteria for articles to be accepted for RJRS are that they:

  • cover the development of theories, concepts, methodologies, empirical analyses that significantly advance the field of regional science
  • are conceptually well-grounded
  • are methodologically sound
  • report original results and conclusions and add significantly to the existing knowledge
  • target an audience within and beyond the academic world
  • are compliant with the journal’s ethical standards
  • are written in good English.