ISSN 1843-8520

Volume 17, no. 2, article no.2

Title: Unravelling the road safety challenges: a spatial analysis of road fatalities rates

Authors & affiliations:  Elena-Maria Prada, Erika Marin, Monica Roman, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

Road safety is a critical concern for all countries worldwide. Due to the lockdown measures imposed during the COVID-19 crisis in the European Union (EU), road fatalities have slightly decreased. We address the road safety from a regional perspective by selecting those NUTS 2 regions of the EU that are contiguous and have no missing data. Three steps make up our analysis: first, we analyse spatial autocorrelation globally; next, we analyse it locally; and, finally, we use spatial regression analysis to look at the relationship between the variables. Through the utilization of Moran’s I, a spatial autocorrelation statistic, we seek to unveil the hidden patterns surrounding road accident death and injury rates. Also, our analysis includes a series of maps that show the general situation of regional road fatalities as reflection of the results obtained. The findings highlight the need for region-specific interventions and policy adjustments to mitigate road accidents and promote safer transportation systems. By implementing targeted strategies, policymakers and authorities not only can reduce accident rates but also enhance the overall quality of transportation experiences for residents and visitors alike, contributing to a safer, more sustainable future.

Keywords: spatial analysis, spatial autocorrelation, spatial regression, spatial lag, spatial error, road fatalities

JEL Classification: C21; C31; C40; L91

DOI: https://doi.org/10.61225/rjrs.2023.07

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